Change Log

Date/Version Tier Skill Description
March 13th 2019 SP 1-orb skill Grant self Damage Reduction Icon Damage Reduction for 4 turns. Grant all enemies CD -1 (Previously 3 turns, no CD manipulation).
2-orb skill Grant all player characters (Attack power Icon x 0.18) Armor and remove all Clockwork stacks. For each stack of Clockwork, grant (Attack power Icon x 0.18) Armor 1 extra time. If have max Clockwork stacks, trigger allies’ 1-orb skills as well (Previously (Attack power Icon x 0.36) Armor, no trigger effect).
4-orb skill For each stack of Clockwork, Attack (Attack power Icon x 0.6) 1 extra time (Previously (Attack power Icon x 0.5)).


In Other Languages

Language Name
Japan-flag-button Japanese ティカ・シェヴァリア (Tika Shevaria)
Taiwan-flag-button Chinese (Traditional) 蒂卡・雪法利爾 (Dìkǎ Xuěfǎlì'ěr)
China-flag-button Chinese (Simplified) 蒂卡・雪法利尔 (Dìkǎ Xuěfǎlì'ěr)
Korea-flag-button Korean 티카・슈발리에 (Tika Shuballie)

See Also

  • Tica, original white-position character.
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