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「Broken Promises Have Abandoned The Slums」

The dusty debris had settled since the explosion of Atlas, a bustling city now reduced to rubbles resembling a ghastly ghost town. Swarms of ash coated survivors left the hollow remains of their homes, seeking refuge nearby in the Kingdom Of The Sun. Such mayhem was triggered in the dragoneye gem's absence, removed at the expense of a hefty purchase.

To make amends of the sort, the Kingdom Of The Sun built temporary shelters around their walls, promising to make the most appropriate arrangements. It didn't take long for the Kingdom to drop their facade, leaving these poor folk to die in the dirty and disease ridden Slums...[1]


Sun Capitol Object: A Vase found in the Slum's of the Sun Capitol during region exploration.


Character Role
People's Leader
Nigel's friend and follower
Lio's twin sister
Nigel's childhood friend


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