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Event Description

In the past, people of Atlas used to celebrate the marionettes' birthday. On that day, the Reindeer Marionette will help the people hand out candy wind-up keys. Now, the people are no longer here, but the dreams of the marionettes are still going on. Please help the Reindeer Marionette retrieve the wind-up keys and receive gifts from the marionettes in return!

Event Time:

2017/12/19 20:00 ~ 2017/12/27 13:00(PST)

2017/12/20 12:00 ~ 2017/12/27 05:00(GMT+8) [1]


Everyday, you can challenge the event once with the help of the marionettes as party members. Complete the event quest daily to collect candy wind-up keys for rewards.

Event Sceneries

Strange Birds' Visit


"Chuchu, Merry Christmas, chuchu."

"An adorable, chubby bird from an extremely rare and mysterious species. Loves music."

Marionette's Snowman


"A delicate and well-made snowman. Is this really made by a marionette... unbelievable."

Holiday Decorations


"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way~"

"Every present has a thank-you card attached to it; each card has the name of a different Marionette. The masters who left these heartwarming messages, how many of them are still alive..."

"Small card on the top of the paper star: ""Star shines, tree blossom, it's the marionettes' birthday again. Fellow masters, please give the marionettes a big hug under this tree. Sincerely, Reindeer Marionette."""

"Certification stamp stall for Marionettes' Pal: ""Fellow masters, thank you for participating in the event. Before you leave, please remember to stamp. Sincerely, Reindeer Marionette."" The stamp is missing, what a pity. Would love to see the pattern of the stamp..."




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