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"Although the Book of the Bequeathers can show what's happening everywhere in the world, there's no guarantee that what you see is the absolute truth. My truth may be different from your truth. It depends on how you, as a Watcher, interpret the text."


Rei is the constant companion to the Watcher, serving as their mentor and guide to the world of Sdorica. As a senior member of the Bequeathers, it is her task to instruct you in how to use the Book of the Bequeathers and assist you in the work of observing history. Rei is the only character the player directly interacts with, and also appears in the in game store.


Daily Conversations


  • In Sunset, Rei is voiced by Kikuko Inoue, who also provides voice work for Lisa.
  • After completing Chapter 17 of Sdorica: Sunset, Rei glitches.
  • After completing 1-0 of Sdorica: Mirage, Rei glitches again. She gives the player a blue eternal flower, a reference to Vanessa from Cytus II.