Change Log

Date/Version Tier Skill Description
March 13th 2018 N, R, SR, SSR Advisor skill Increase Attack ratio from (Attack power Icon x 1.5) to (Attack power Icon x 2.6); Reduce CD from 5/6/7/7 to 4/5/6/6.


  • Though not stated in the game, Pang's Winded Up passive skill deals (Attack power Icon x 2.5) Attack, which is directly added to the base damage number.
  • Pang's Radiant Master Skill Book was available for free during the Dragon Boat Festival event. It can now be purchased for 600 Guild Medals in the Medal Exchange guild facility


In Other Languages

Language Name
Japan-flag-button Japanese パン (Pan)
Taiwan-flag-button Chinese (Traditional) 龐 (Páng)
China-flag-button Chinese (Simplified) 庞 (Páng)
Korea-flag-button Korean 팡 (Pang)

See Also

  • Pang SP, black-position SP version of Pang.
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