Change Log

Date/Version Tier Skill Description
March 13th 2018 N, R, SR, SSR Advisor skill Increase Attack ratio from (Attack power Icon x 1.5) to (Attack power Icon x 2.6); Reduce CD from 5/6/7/7 to 4/5/6/6.


  • Though not stated in the game, Pang's Winded Up passive skill deals (Attack power Icon x 2.5) Attack, which is directly added to the base damage number.
  • Pang's Radiant Master Skill Book was available for free during the Dragon Boat Festival event. It can now be purchased for 600 Guild Medals in the Medal Exchange guild facility
  • According to popular fandom opinion, Pang is indeed Tiger Daddy.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Japan-flag-button Japanese パン (Pan)
Taiwan-flag-button Chinese (Traditional) 龐 (Páng)
China-flag-button Chinese (Simplified) 庞 (Páng)
Korea-flag-button Korean 팡 (Pang)

See Also

  • Pang SP, black-position SP version of Pang.
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