Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland (Walt Disney Productions' animated adaptation in 1951).

  • Nolva SP is heavily influenced by the fantasy novel of English author Lewis Carroll: Alice in Wonderland, with many references to the novel within her character design, lore, skillset and animation.
    • Nolva SP's design is based on Alice, the novel's protagonist. And Waverlyde's design is based on Cheshire Cat.
    • A white rabbit, card soldiers and a tea party can all be seen in her skill animations, which are iconic characters and themes featured in the novel.
  • Nolva SP used to have a different splash art, shown in a promotional image before her official release in Sleepwalk Infuse. Her splash art has since been changed.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Japan-flag-button Japanese ノルヴァ・カーペンター (Noruva Kāpentā)
Taiwan-flag-button Chinese (Traditional) 諾瓦・卡潘特 (Nuòwǎ Kǎpāntè)
China-flag-button Chinese (Simplified) 诺瓦・卡潘特 (Nuòwǎ Kǎpāntè)
Korea-flag-button Korean 노바・카펜터 (Noba Kapenteo)

See Also

  • Nolva, original black-position character.
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