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If you're looking to increase your Watcher Level or gain special items for Character Infusions & Resonance, don't panic! Although growth takes patience and consistency, it is not impossible. There are even opportunities to gain mission rewards by simply logging in every day! Listed below are the various types of missions that you can accomplish in-game.

The available mission rewards and their descriptions can be found on the Items page.

Mission Types


Limited Missions are only available for a specific amount time (indicated by a timestamp). Some missions may only be available for a shorter amount of time compared to others, so be sure to attempt as many as possible before time's up! Limited Missions will typically involve completing Region and Venture Quests, or will pertain to any in-game events occurring. Currently, reward types include Curren, Crystalline, Crystals, Soul Energy, Time Bookmarks, and various Chests which are comprised of similar rewards.


Progress Missions can be accomplished mainly through advancing over time, such as leveling up and logging into the game for a certain amount of days. These types of missions also include completing certain quests, including but not limited to certain Region and Venture Quests. Currently, reward types include Bequeather's Scrolls, Curren, Crystalline, Crystals, Million Infuse Bookmarks, and Character Minerals (predominantly for Nolva).


Character Missions can be accomplished by collecting various Character Minerals, unlocking their range of tiers (R, SR, and SSR), and completing their pertaining Storyline Quests. In order to complete these missions, you'll just have to keep playing and try to earn 'em all! Currently, reward types include Crystals and Million Infuse Bookmarks.


Item Missions can be accomplished by collecting various special items, collecting certain amounts of currency (Curren, Crystalline, Crystals, and Soul Energy), and unlocking a certain number of characters along with their tiers. Currently, rewards types include Bequeather's Scrolls, Curren, Crystals, Soul Energy, and Million Infuse Bookmarks. For collecting currency, missions can be completed more than once and rewards/requirements will increase by increments.


See Guild Missions.