Performing infusion

Performing infusion

Infusion is a gacha system that provides the players with the opportunity to either unlock new characters or gain character minerals to upgrade their existing ones.

Rolling for Infusion

To attempt Infusion, players need to have sufficient Crystals or Bookmarks.

Players can choose between single infusion or 10 times at once, with the latter guaranteeing one SR or higher character.

Occasionally, there are rate up events which increase the chance of obtaining a specific character, as well as having the chance to obtain the SSR version of that character, or events that increase the 10 times infusion's guaranteed bonus.


  • One attempt costs 50 Crystals and 10 times requires 500 Crystals.
  • Million Infuse Bookmark and Time Bookmark may only be used for 1 or 5 attempts regardless of the amount possessed.
  • Million Infuse Bookmark can only be used for Million Infusion. Time Bookmark can only be used for Event Infusion, such as character's rate up events.
  • The benefit of rolling 10 times at once is a guaranteed SR or higher rarity character. This can change depending on the current event.
  • Upon receiving duplicates, players will be rewarded with character minerals corresponding to the duplicate's rarity:
    • N provides 1 Character Mineral
    • R provides 5 Character Minerals
    • SR provides 20 Character Minerals
    • SSR provides 50 Character Minerals

Rate Up Banners

Current Banner

Current Banner
Beauty & the Beast Infuse
January 30 - February 12
Beauty and beast

New characters Black Orb IconPang SP   Black Orb IconHestia SP   are now available!

Past Banners

2019 Banners
Beauty & The Beast Infuse
January 30 - February 12
Beauty and beast

New characters Pang SP and Hestia SP are here!

Black Orb IconPang SP   Black Orb IconHestia SP  SSR now available!

Quiet Lady Infuse
January 16 - January 29
Quiet Lady Infuse

Black Orb IconKaren   Gold Orb IconSione  SSR unlocked! SR drop rate up!

Trickery Infuse
January 2 - January 15
Trickery Infuse

Mysterious strategist Hyde is here!

White Orb IconHyde   Gold Orb IconIzumi  SSR now available!

2018 Banners
Childish Infuse
December 19 - January 1
Childish Infuse

Lisa SP, Leah SP, Lio SP are all here!

Gold Orb IconLisa SP   White Orb IconLeah SP   Gold Orb IconLio SP now available!

Ritual Infuse
December 5 - December 18
Ritual Infuse

New characters Fatima SP is here!

White Orb IconFatima SP  SSR now available!

Melody Infuse
November 9 - December 4
Melody Infuse

New characters Deemo and Masked Girl are here!

Black Orb IconDeemo   Gold Orb IconMasked Girl  SSR now available!

Carnival Infuse
October 31 - November 13
Carnival Infuse Banner

Tica SP new character coming soon!

Gold Orb IconTica SP  SSR now available!

Sleepwalk Infuse
October 17 - October 30
Sleepwalk Infuse Banner

Sleepwalk Infuse, Nolva SP is here!
Kittyeyes SP will join Sleepwalk Infuse on the second week!

Gold Orb IconNolva SP   White Orb IconKittyeyes SP  SSR now available!

First Step Infuse
October 3 - October 16
First Step Infuse Banner

First Step Infuse, new character Elio is coming very soon!

Gold Orb IconElio   Black Orb IconCharle   Gold Orb IconShirley  SSR now available!

Not-Bear Infuse
September 19 - October 2
Not-Bear Infuse Banner

Not-Bear Infuse, New character Leah SP coming soon!

White Orb IconLeah SP  SSR now available!

Time Infuse
September 12 - September 25
Time Infuse Banner

Return characters only!

Black Orb IconDylan SP   Black Orb IconNigel SP  SSR now available!

Soaring Infuse
September 5 - September 18
Soaring Infuse Banner

Soaring Infuse, New character Lio SP coming soon!

Gold Orb IconLio SP  SSR now available!

Daughter Infuse
August 22 - September 8
Daughter Infuse

Daughters Infuse, new SP character Lisa SP is here!

Gold Orb IconLisa SP   White Orb IconSione SP  SSR now available!

Tanabata Infuse
August 8 - August 21
Tanabata Infuse Banner

Angelia SP will be available for a limited time!

Black Orb IconAngelia SP   White Orb IconLisa   Gold Orb IconSione  SSR now available!

Trader Infuse
July 25 - August 7
Trader Infuse Banner

New character Karen is rolling into town!

Black Orb IconKaren   Black Orb IconSharice   White Orb IconFredrica  SSR now available!

Teatime Infuse
July 11 - July 24
Kittyeyes Infuse Banner

Teatime Infuse is calling Kittyeyes SP to the picnic party!

White Orb IconKittyeyes SP  SSR now available!

Inari Infuse
June 19 - July 10
Inari Infuse

Introducing the adorable yet unpredictable Izumi!

Gold Orb IconIzumi   Black Orb IconLeah   White Orb IconLio  SSR now available!
SR drop rate up!

Bond Infuse
May 30 - June 19
Bond infuse

White Orb IconYamitsuki SP & Black Orb IconNigel SP now available!
The two childhood friends are on stage together, donning Japanese style attire to become brand-new characters!

Brilliant Infuse
May 11 - May 29
Brilliant Infuse Banner

White Orb IconSione SP   Black Orb IconAngelia SP   Black Orb IconDylan SP available for a limited time!
New portraits and different positions, creating even more variety in combat for fellow Watchers.

Broken Wing Infuse
Apr 30 - May 6
Broken Wing Infuse

Broken-winged maiden Shirley is here!

Gold Orb IconShirley   White Orb IconTheodore   Black Orb IconYamitsuki rate up!
Chance to get them at SSR

Harvest Infuse
Apr 23 - Apr 29
Harvest Infuse Banner

SR characters rate up!
Get some new comrades, embark on your adventures!

Burning Infuse
Mar 4 - Mar 12
Dylan Infuse

New black SSR character Dylan SP

Black Orb IconDylan SP SSR available!

Gold Orb IconDylan rate up!

Miracle Infuse
Feb 14 - Feb 20
Miracle Infuse

Rare characters rate up!
The night where miracles happen; awaken the souls of your dreams.

White Orb IconCharle   Black Orb IconLeah   Gold Orb IconSione   Black Orb IconYamitsuki   White Orb IconLisa   Black Orb IconSharice   White Orb IconFredrica rate up at the same time!

Saber's Infuse
Feb 6 - Feb 16
Sione SP Banner

New white SSR character Sione SP

White Orb IconSione SP SSR available!

Gold Orb IconSione rate up!

Princess' Infuse
Jan 16 - Jan 21
Angelia SP

New black SSR character Angelia SP

Black Orb IconAngelia SP SSR available!

White Orb IconAngelia rate up!

2017 Banners
Seductress's Infuse
Dec 20 - Jan 3
Fredrica Infuse

New character, Kingdom Rune Sorcerer Fredrica

White Orb IconFredrica SSR available in Seductress's Infuse!

White Orb IconFredrica added to Million Infuse as well

Academy Infuse
Nov 28 - Dec 5
Charle Infuse

White Orb IconCharle SSR available

White Orb IconCharle Rate up

SR Character Guaranteed with 10 times

Hunter Infuse
Nov 28 - Dec 5
Ned Infuse

Black Orb IconNed SSR available

Black Orb IconNed SR Rate up

SR Character Guaranteed with 10 times

Frost Festival
Nov 21 - Dec 12
Frost Festival Infuse

It's time for the annual Frost Festival.
For a limited time, SR Character Guaranteed for 10x Infuse!

Lancer Infuse
Nov 7 - Nov 21
Sharice Infuse

New limited character debut!

Black Orb IconSharice SSR available

Beast Infuse
Oct 25 - Nov 8
Golemwalt Infuse

Gold Orb IconGolemwalt SSR available

Gold Orb IconGolemwalt SR Rate up

Dancer Infuse
Oct 18 - Oct 25
Lisa Infuse

White Orb IconLisa SSR available

Chieftan Infuse
Sept 27 - Oct 10
Crushfang Infuse

Gold Orb IconCrushfang SSR available

Warrior Infuse
Sept 13 - Sept 26
Dagger Infuse

Black Orb IconDagger SSR available

Tips and Trivia

  • Because of the guaranteed SR (or higher) at no extra cost, it is always better to save crystals for the 10 times infuse.

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