Change Log

Date/Version Tier Skill Description
Oct 17th 2018 N, R, SR, SSR Advisor skill CD reduced by 1 (SSR/SR/R/N from 3/4/5/5 to 2/3/4/4).
4-orb skill Armor Penetration (Attack power Icon x 2.25) selected enemy, grant target CD +2 (Previously no CD manipulation for N to SR tier, Armor Penetration (Attack power Icon x 3) and Heal (Attack power Icon x 0.9) selected enemy for SSR tier).
March 13th 2019 Alt Passive skill Upon player's turn, grant self a random buff for 2 turns (Previously 1 turn).
1-orb skill Grant self 2 random buffs (Previously 1 random buff for 2 turns).


  • Hestia is the only playable character in the game who can directly remove negative Status Effects from herself and from her allies (with Charle SP being able to remove debuffs from himself only).
  • Hestia is able to remove any of the common debuffs, and Hestia Skill Book can gain any of the common buffs, with one special case:


In Other Languages

Language Name
Japan-flag-button Japanese ヘスティア (Hesutia)
Taiwan-flag-button Chinese (Traditional) 荷絲緹雅 (Hésītíyǎ)
China-flag-button Chinese (Simplified) 荷丝缇雅 (Hésītíyǎ)
Korea-flag-button Korean 헤스티아 (Heseutia)

See Also

  • Hestia SP, black-position SP version of Hestia.
  • Fatima (SP), who shares the same Voice Actor: Mai Nakahara.
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