"Visit the Event page on a regular basis! In addition to limited time events from Monday to Sunday, there will be Mineral Quests. These quests can help you collect Character Minerals for your team members!"

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Event hosts various activities that reward players items for completing them. However, it should be noted that players are given limited attempts for each activity, the number of attempts all reset daily at 05:00 A.M. (GMT+8). Furthermore attempts are only used when players' have completed the level successfully. Therefore, if the player fails or abandons the level halfway, their attempt will not be consumed.

Currently, the available event quests are:

Passed Time Limited Events

Character Storyline

see: Character Storylines

Seasonal Event

Cross Event

Tips and Trivia

  • All event quests' attempts refresh daily at 05:00 A.M. (GMT+8)
  • Daily events are a good way to farm region resonance materials as their drop is guaranteed upon completion and they are easier to complete.
  • Once players have finished the story and training quest, Hidden treasures is the player's only constant source of character mineral and crystalline aside from Infusion.


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