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"Visit the Event page on a regular basis! In addition to limited time events from Monday to Sunday, there will be Mineral Quests. These quests can help you collect Character Minerals for your team members!"

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Event hosts various activities that reward players items for completing them. However, it should be noted that players are given limited attempts for each activity, the number of attempts all reset daily at 05:00 A.M. (GMT+8). Furthermore attempts are only used when players' have completed the level successfully. Therefore, if the player fails or abandons the level halfway, their attempt will not be consumed.

Currently, the available event quests are:

Limited Events


2020 Events
Type Description Duration
Crossover Reset: Sdorica X Cytus II. Cross-promotion with Cytus II Jan 22nd ~ Mar 3rd
Exploration Trader's Guide to Happiness: Valentine's event Feb 12th ~ Mar 3rd
Exploration Second Anniversary Event. A Tranquil Yard exploration introduction Apr 15th ~ May 12th
Event Summer Fantasy Event rerun Jun 6th ~ Jul 7th
Event Summer Ceremony: Summer seasonal event Jul 8th ~ Aug 18th
Exploration A Love not Bound by Fate: Tanabata Event Aug 18th ~ Sep 8th
Event The Case of the Full Moon event rerun Sep 23rd ~ Oct 13th
Crossover DEEMO X Sdorica Event Rerun Nov 11th - Dec 1st
Event A Christmas Crush Dec 12th - Jan 5th
2019 Events
Type Description Duration
Event Dawn Of The New Year: Chinese New Year seasonal event Jan 30th ~ Feb 12th
Event Royal Spring Hunt: Event rerun for Valentine's Day Feb 13th ~ Feb 19th
Exploration Balzac's Heritage: One Year Anniversary Event Apr 17th ~ May 8th
Event Dragon Boat Festival In Sdorica: Dragon Boat Event rerun Jun 5th ~ Jun 19th
Event Summer Fantasy: Vacation-themed seasonal event ~
Event The Case of the Full Moon: Moon Festival seasonal event Sep 4th ~ Sep 24th
Exploration Daughter's Voyage: Halloween event. Later added to Desert Exploration. Oct 30th ~ Nov 19th
Crossover DEEMO X Sdorica Event Rerun Nov 13th ~ Dec 18th
Exploration Christmas Hero Adventure: Introduced the Christmas Hero Adventure Exploration mission. Cross-promotion with Gumballs & Dungeons. Dec 18th ~ Jan 21st
2018 Events
Type Description Duration
Event Silent Night For The Marionettes: 2017 Christmas seasonal event Dec 19th ~ Dec 26th
Event Royal Spring Hunt: Chinese New Year seasonal event -
Event Dragon Boat Festival In Sdorica: Dragon Boat Festival seasonal event Jun 13th ~ Jun 21th
Event Legend Of The Virgin Wizard: Double Seventh Festival seasonal event Aug 15th ~ Aug 21st
Event Twin Rabbits On The Moon: Moon Festival seasonal event Sep 20th ~ Oct 3rd
Crossover Past Interlude: DEEMO X Sdorica. Cross-promotion with DEEMO(Game) Nov 7th ~ Dec 5th
Event ☆Christmas Antics☆: Christmas seasonal event Dec 19th ~ Jan 1st

Character Storyline

Name Character Duration
Horror Tales Lio Jun 6th ~ Jun 19th
Pride And Prejudice Leah Jun 20th ~ Jul 3rd
Missed By An Arm Roger Jul 4th ~ Jul 17th
Lone Wolf's Step Koll Jul 12th ~ Jul 24th
Waiting For Love Kittyeyes Jul 18th ~ Jul 31st
One Family Ned Aug 1st ~ Aug 14th
Stay By My Side Lisa Aug 8th ~ Aug 21st
Iron And Flower Sherlock Aug 22nd ~ Sep 9th
Food Reserve Secured! Pang Sep 5th ~ Sep 18th
MC Plot Armor Puggi Sep 12th ~ Sep 25th
I'm the great Sha... Sharice Oct 9th ~ Oct 23rd
Nolva In Wonderland Nolva Oct 17th ~ Oct 30th
Songs Of Midnight Tica Oct 24th ~ Nov 6th
My Sassy General Fredrica Oct 31st ~ Nov 13th
Inheritance Fatima Nov 28th ~ Dec 11th
Son Of Secrets Elio Dec 5th ~ Dec 18th
Dark Eye, Darker Heart Hyde Jan 2nd ~ Jan 15th
Masked Fox Izumi Jan 9th ~ Jan 22nd
Mermaid Love Story Hestia Jan 16th ~ Jan 29th
Frogodile Legend Karnulla Feb 20th ~ Mar 5th
Love's Secret Menu Dumb Bear Soldier Mar 13th ~ Mar 26th
MX46 Observation Logs Experiment Mar 27th ~ Apr 9th
Partners Charle Apr 3rd ~ Apr 16th
What Makes a Teacher Yan-Bo Apr 10th ~ Apr 23rd
Belongingness Shirley Apr 24th ~ May 7th
Truth Seeker Morris May 8th ~ May 22nd
Name Character Duration
Free Will Karen May 29th ~ Jul 11th
No I in Team Sophie Jul 3rd ~ Jul 16th
Shackled Soul Rune Aug 7th ~ Aug 20th
Technical Difficulties Maria Aug 21st ~ Sep 3rd
Chameleon Lazer Sep 25th ~ Oct 10th
Fact and Fiction Diana Oct 23rd ~ Nov 5th
Chosen by the Stars ~Recollections~ Joan Dec 11th ~ Dec 24th
Aged Wine, Aging Friends Law Mar 11th ~ Mar 24th
HEY YA NA YA~Panther Village Miranda Mar 25th ~ Apr 7th
Lost Clark Apr 22nd ~ May 5th
Death is the Punchline Jia-Shen May 6th ~ May 19th
The Dark Path Devious May 20th ~ Jun 3rd
Daybreak Misa Jun 3rd ~ Jun 16th

Tips and Trivia

  • Event plays refresh daily at 05:00 A.M. (GMT+8), for both regular and limited events.
  • Daily events are the primary source of region material used to resonate and exceed characters, and can offer either Curren or Soul Energy.


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