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In-Game Description

The gem that is very rare on continent Vendacti. It can be used in Infusion, or to purchase valuable items in Market.

Crystals are a very rare commodity on continent Vendacti that are used to perform infuses or to purchase valuable items in market.


Crystals are one of Sdorica's most valuable resource, as they are the currency of Infusion. They are acquired as one-off rewards through completing story content and events, Exploration, or certain achievements, and also regularly as login bonuses, Wonderland Trial rewards, Balzac's Challenge, and Guild rewards.

The Mystery Market sells Currens and Soul Energys for crystals. This is NOT Recommended. since materials and Curren can be acquired easily through daily missions, it's better to save your much rarer crystals for Infusion.

The crystal are being split into Free Crystals and Paid Crystals. The Free Crystals are mainly obtain by in-game events and weekly Wonderland Trials. The Paid Crystals can only be obtained by using real-life currency and can be used for rare and some event-specific market. Crystals are also only show for the current platform.

Within the setting, crystals are a valuable commodity useful in Rune Magic spells. Crystals are mined in Atlas and grow on the backs of Totemtaff's golems, though those crystals have a different color and shape from the crystals used in Infusion. The normal kind of crystal appears in Dumb Bear Soldier's Character Storyline, held by one of the bears.

Crystal Types

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Icon Name Amount
Crystal.png Crystal 10 / Any
Crystal (Small).png Crystal (Small) 50
Crystal (Medium).png Crystal (Medium) 80
Crystal (Large).png Crystal (Large) 150
Crystal (Extra Large).png Crystal (Extra Large) 300
Crystal (Super Large).png Crystal (Super Large) 550
Crystal (Massive).png Crystal (Massive) 800