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Character Minerals are used for Resonance and are character specific.


Character Mineral

Type Description Location
Battle Team Mineral.png
Character Minerals
Character Mineral used for crafting Characters. Memory Minerals
Hidden Treasures
Treasure Hunt

Battle Team Mineral

Type Description Location
Gold Battle Team Mineral.png
Gold Battle Team Mineral

Receives Character Mineral of gold / black / white / advisor / random battle team character.

Hidden Treasures
Black Battle Team Mineral.png
Black Battle Team Mineral
White Battle Team Mineral.png
White Battle Team Mineral
Advisor Battle Team Mineral.png
Advisor Mineral
Battle Team Mineral.png
Battle Team Mineral

Memory Mineral

Type Description Location
Random Gold Block Mineral.png
Gold Memory Mineral

Transforms into Character Mineral of owned gold / black / white-position character. (Character randomly selected)

Market: 3 Soul Stardust

Random Black Block Mineral.png
Black Memory Mineral
Random White Block Mineral.png
White Memory Mineral


  • Hidden Treasures serves as the main source of character minerals.
  • Smashing a Mineral will reward players with 10 Crystalline.
  • Even though a character has reached SSR, character minerals can still be used to resonate the character up to SSR +10.
  • Character Storylines will reward players with minerals for that character.

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