Thy Fair Lady
(Thy Fair Lady) Angelia

Battle Info

Base Stats
Attack 68 Attack power Icon Health 240 Health Icon Revive 8 Revive Icon
Passive Skill [Passive Skill] Helpful Halo
Upon Tier SR, unlock passive skill.
Advisor Skill [Advisor Skill] Angelic Aura
Grant selected ally (Attack power Icon x 0.6) Armor. [CD: 1]
1 Orb Skill Icon [1-orb skill] Wing And Prayer
Grant front row ally (Attack power Icon x 0.6) Armor, trigger 1-orb skill.
Warning Symbol Trigger Limit
2 Orb Skill Icon [2-orb skill] Let Us Pray
Grant all player characters (Attack power Icon x 0.72) Armor.
4 Orb Skill Icon [4-orb skill, square] Prayer Player
Heal (Attack power Icon x 1.8) front row ally.


Resonance Level Tear Regional Material Soul Energy Character Mineral
N Tier   to   R Tier
Tear of Valiant Warrior Icon
Bright Candelabrum Icon
White R Soul Energy Icon
Angelia Character Mineral Icon
Curren Icon


Angelia Signature

♦ Angelia Carlos

The Kingdom of The Sun's beloved princess, kind and gentle, clever and wise. Raised in a castle surrounded by friendly faces, she feels deep and genuine compassion for her subjects. Lacking worldly experience, she can be rather unsuspecting of others and a bit too trusting.

An idealist who oversimplifies matters of the state, she is often accused of naivety when proposing impractical strategies.

Attaches great importance to the relationships between people; during crucial moments she finds it hard to focus when difficult decisions have to be made.

♦ 19 yrs old (16th of Dew month)
♦ 165 cm
♦ CV: Sora Amamiya

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