Pierce The Frail
(Pierce The Frail) Sione

Battle Info

Base Stats
Attack 56 Attack power Icon Health 330 Health Icon Revive 10 Revive Icon
Passive Skill [Passive Skill] Stellar Stamina
Upon incoming damage skill, if have Damage Reduction Icon Damage Reduction, grant self Enhance Icon Enhance for 2 turns.
Advisor Skill [Advisor Skill] Tell Lore Swift
If ally has Damage Reduction Icon Damage Reduction, increase skill power by 25%.
1 Orb Skill Icon [1-orb skill] High Roller Blade
Grant self (Attack power Icon x 0.6) Armor as well as Taunt Icon Taunt and Damage Reduction Icon Damage Reduction for 3 turns.
2 Orb Skill Icon [2-orb skill] Blade Runner
True Damage (Attack power Icon x 1) front row enemy. If have Damage Reduction Icon Damage Reduction, True Damage (Attack power Icon x 1) selected enemy instead.
4 Orb Skill Icon [4-orb skill, square] Blades Of Glory
True Damage (Attack power Icon x 1.5) all enemies.


Resonance Level Tear Regional Material Soul Energy Character Mineral
SR Tier   to   SSR Tier
Tear of Ancient Dragon Icon
Blessed Bear Carving Icon
Gold SSR Soul Energy Icon
Sione Character Mineral Icon
Curren Icon


Sione Signature

♦ Sione Aldric

A striking woman from a Kingdom Of The Sun noble house; an ice queen with snow white hair and a frosty demeanor. Underneath the seemingly cold appearance lies a straightforward and earnest soldier, who loves to get to the bottom of things.

Unaccustomed to the cloak and dagger struggle among the aristocracy, also undesiring to be a political pawn her whole life, she chose to leave home and enlist in the army. A former bodyguard to the princess, the two young women remain close to this day.

Currently Dylan's second in command, she idolizes him very much.

♦ 21 yrs old (6th of Ice month)
♦ 168 cm
♦ CV: Ayako Kawasumi

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