Lumberjack The Ripper
(Lumberjack The Ripper) Crushfang

Battle Info

Stats (Lv.60)
Attack 1867 Attack power Icon Health 12322 Health Icon Revive 10 Revive Icon
Passive Skill [Passive Skill] Run After Stun
Upon 0 Armor, trigger 1-orb skill 1 time.
Advisor Skill [Advisor Skill] Battle Rattle
Attack (Attack power Icon x 1.6) all enemies. [CD: 11]
1 Orb Skill Icon [1-orb skill] Break Cover
Attack (Attack power Icon x 0.5) all enemies. Grant self StatusIconSwordGreenEnhance.
2 Orb Skill Icon [2-orb skill] Hit The Breaks
Armor Penetration (Attack power Icon x 1.5) front row enemy.
4 Orb Skill Icon [4-orb skill] Break And Enter
Attack (Attack power Icon x 1.6) all enemies. Grant self (Attack power Icon x 0.6) Armor.


Resonance Level Tear Regional Material Soul Energy Character Mineral Curren
SR Tier   to   SSR Tier
Tear of Ancient Dragon Icon
Blessed Bear Carving Icon
Gold SSR Soul Energy Icon
Crushfang Character Mineral Icon
Curren Icon


Crushfang Signature

♦ Crushfang

Chieftain of the Bears who wields a gigantic totem. A deep thinker with boundless philosophical wisdom. Like Colonel Dylan of the Sunshine Infantry, he thinks war should only be used as a last resort.

Feeling he must uphold the dignity of his office, he has trouble expressing his feelings as Dagger's foster father. His overly strict parenting style has caused the two to become estranged.

He's actually very fond of the cub, and the death of Dagger's father haunts him to this day.

♦ 32 yrs old (5th of Dew month)
♦ 250 cm
♦ CV: Jouji Nakata