Gallant Scout
(Gallant Scout) Lio

Battle Info

Base Stats
Attack 64 Attack power Icon Health 270 Health Icon Revive 8 Revive Icon
Passive Skill [Passive Skill] Base Booster
Upon Tier SR, unlock passive skill.
Advisor Skill [Advisor Skill] Nom Nom Nutrition
Heal (Attack power Icon x 2.34) selected ally. [CD: 7]
1 Orb Skill Icon [1-orb skill] Junk Food
Heal (Attack power Icon x 0.9) selected ally, grant Exhaust Icon Exhaust for 3 turns.
2 Orb Skill Icon [2-orb skill] Food Aid
Heal (Attack power Icon x 1.8) selected ally.
4 Orb Skill Icon [4-orb skill, square] Food Lay Waste
Armor Penetration (Attack power Icon x 3) back row enemy.


Resonance Level Tear Regional Material Soul Energy Character Mineral
R Tier   to   SR Tier
Tear of Dragon Slayer Icon
Bright Candelabrum Icon
White SR Soul Energy Icon
Lio Character Mineral Icon
Curren Icon


Lio Signature

♦ Lio

Leah's twin brother, one of the Slums' younger residents. A good natured soul with mature thinking beyond his age. Maintaining a childlike innocence, is easily excited when presented with something new.

Often ridiculed as a crybaby, he is determined to become mentally stronger, and aspires to be more like the tougher Nigel.

Brings a flying toy everywhere, a playmate that never leaves his side when he's lonely.

♦ 11 yrs old (11th of Sun month)
♦ 145 cm
♦ CV: Yumiko Kobayashi

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