Dunce Trooper
(Dunce Trooper) Sharice

Battle Info

Base Stats
Attack 62 Attack power Icon Health 285 Health Icon Revive 8 Revive Icon
Passive Skill [Passive Skill] Now On Stage
Upon Tier SR, unlock passive skill.
Advisor Skill [Advisor Skill] I Was Just Passing By
Upon start of each battle, trigger front row ally's 2-orb skill, trigger front row enemy's skill.
1 Orb Skill Icon [1-orb skill] Suck On This
Grant self 3 stacks Enhance Icon Enhance. Grant all enemies Enhance Icon Enhance.
2 Orb Skill Icon [2-orb skill] Don't Call Me Short
Attack (Attack power Icon x 0.2) gold character and (Attack power Icon x 2) front row enemy. Grant enemy Vulnerability Icon Vulnerability for 2 turns.
4 Orb Skill Icon [4-orb skill, square] G.O.A.T
Attack (Attack power Icon x 1.4) all enemies. Grant Tear Icon Tear for 2 turns.


Resonance Level Tear Regional Material Soul Energy Character Mineral
R Tier   to   SR Tier
Tear of Dragon Slayer Icon
Maple Tree Branch Icon
Black SR Soul Energy Icon
Sharice Character Mineral Icon
Curren Icon


Sharice Signature

♦ Sharice Carterwell

A female lancer that was sent to Maple Lake for a solo survey mission. A bit egotistical, she speaks in a vicious, almost threatening manner. However, her small figure and cute voice contradicts her own mannerisms, erasing any sense of threat.

Her words are very insincere. However, it's rather easy to know her honest opinion as she can be easily induced into telling the truth. One she realizes that she had spill the beans, she throws temper tantrums in an effort to hide her embarrassment. Despite desperately wanting to build a good relationship with others, she fails time after time due to her clueless and oblivious personality. She became the lone-wolf of the army and a head-case for her superiors.

♦ 18 yrs old (15th of Dew month)
♦ 149 cm
♦ CV: Rie Kugimiya

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