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• 11/11/2018



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• 7/24/2018

Its hard to start a new guild

I am having a problem with the guild system. There is no way to promote the guild in game! It is hard for starting guild to gain members because obviously most will unconsciously go with big guilds first. Could anyone share the algorithm behind how to make your guild appear on front guild page?

Anyway i started this guild named fantasia with my friends as well, currently reaching lvl 3 guild soon, as of today. Feel free to check the guild out.
Duskvalley server - invitation code d4b7c1
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• 5/16/2018

Sdorica Sunset Discord Server

(Not quite sure if posting a Discord Server invitation here is welcome despite reading the guidelines, so I will be happy to remove this post if it doesn't meet this website's criteria.)

Hello, hero! My friends and I recently got into playing Sdorica Sunset on mobile and we started a Discord Server where we can discuss about our game play, the awesome characters, and the Sdorica realm itself. We also are into fanwork (since some of us are artists as well)! Overall, we would just like to build a fun, interactive, and helpful community where we can enjoy the mobile version of the game together. Since the game is still relatively new to the app store, we can all improve together!

All players are welcome and joining our guild isn't required. The link is: (please let me know if the link doesn't work!)
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• 4/21/2018

Guild members

Hello, i recently just created a new guild and paid everything and the guild is already installed. however, when my friends are trying to enter the invite code, their screens showed that the code is invalid and the guild doesn't exist meanwhile it does. Do you happen to know why? Does it have anything to do with my watcher level? My level is only 22 though. Thank you very much!!
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